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Courtesy of Warner Bros.

Envisioning 2001: Stanley Kubrick’s Space Odyssey

Thursday, Jan 1, 1970 — Jul 19, 2020

Ubicación: Galería de exposiciones cambiantes

Please note: As part of the worldwide effort to mitigate the spread of coronavirus, the Museum building is temporarily closed and all exhibitions and programs suspended until further notice.

Directed by Stanley Kubrick and developed in collaboration with writer Arthur C. Clarke, 2001: una odisea espacial (1968) depicts the fraught relationship between humanity and technology, using pioneering special effects. Made before the first moon landing, the film had and continues to exert widespread influence on cinema, design, painting, architecture, and advertising. The Museum will present a major exhibition that explores Kubrick’s influences, his obsessive research, and his innovative production process in envisioning a world of the future—the year 2001 from the viewpoint of the 1960s. The exhibition includes original artifacts from international collections and from the Stanley Kubrick Archive at the University of the Arts London, as well as from the Museum’s own collection.Throughout its six-month run at MoMI, Envisioning 2001: Stanley Kubrick’s Space Odyssey will be accompanied by a wide variety of screening series, public programs with guest speakers, and specially themed workshops, tours, special events, and more.

Exhibition highlights include Special Photographic Effects Supervisor Douglas Trumbull’s concept sketches for Clavius Base, from MoMI collection; costumes, including a space suit worn in the Clavius Base scene and Moonwatcher ape suit worn by Dan Richter in the Dawn of Man scene; and storyboards, contact sheets, test films, and photographs related to the Stargate special effects sequence.

Please note: To combine your visit to the exhibition with a screening of 2001: una odisea espacial or other film, please purchase your ticket through the film screening page.

Tickets: $20 (includes general admission) with discounts available for seniors, students, and youth / free or discounted for Museum members. Tickets are currently not on sale.  (Members may contact members@movingimage.us with questions regarding online reservations.) Advance tickets are timed entry (specific date and time) and are currently only available online.

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Envisioning 2001: Stanley Kubrick’s Space Odyssey was organized by the DFF – Deutsches Filminstitut & Filmmuseum in Frankfurt am Main (where the exhibition debuted in 2018), supported by the Stanley Kubrick Archive at University of the Arts London, Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc., and Stanley Kubrick Film Archives LLC.