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The GIF Elevator discussion and opening reception

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To mark the opening of El ascensor GIF, the Museum and GIPHY Arts present a discussion (7:00 to 8:00 p.m.) with participating artists Matt DiVito, Lorna Mills, and Rafia Santana about their practices and the brief but rich history of the GIF, moderated by the Museum’s Curator of Digital Media Jason Eppink and GIPHY’s Community Curator Ari Spool. A reception follows with DJ Marty McSorley and GIF Dance Party, a collaborative real-time installation that turns dancing guests into animated GIFs.

Matt DiVito, better known as Mr. Div on Tumblr, uses motion graphics software to create retro-futuristic, geometric, gauzy animated GIFs.

Lorna Mills mines the dark corners of the internet to create animated collages with rough edges and jarring cuts that regularly question notions of common decency.

Rafia Santana uses photographs, bright colors, and bold graphic design to create provocative images that unflinchingly explore the everyday politics of race, gender, and sexuality.

La admisión es gratuita. RSVP aquí (required).