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The Canyon (Zachary Epcar)


Fractured Syntax: The Films of Zachary Epcar with Bruce and Norman Yonemoto’s Vault

Friday, Apr 1, 2022 at 7:30 pm

Location la: Bartos Screening Room

With Zachary Epcar in person

Museum of the Moving Image’s Persistent Visions program is pleased to present a mid-career retrospective of Bay Area filmmaker Zachary Epcar. Playing with Hollywood narrative syntax and appropriated materials to create emotionally charged worlds out of the mundane, Epcar’s films highlight the awkward, the melodramatic, and the half-thought, foregoing cathartic release. In this program Epcar’s films are juxtaposed with Bruce and Norman Yonemoto’s 1984 video Vault, as they both turn Hollywood narrative tropes on their heads, employing altered perspectives to explore culture’s fascinating yet tenuous relationship to commodity. 


Under the Heat Lamp an Opening (Zachary Epcar, 2014, 10 mins)

Night Swells (Zachary Epcar, 2015, 5 mins)

Return to Forms (Zachary Epcar, 2016, 10 mins)

Vault (Bruce and Norman Yonemoto, 1984, 12 mins)

Life After Love (Zachary Epcar, 2018, 9 mins)

Billy (Zachary Epcar, 2019, 8 mins)

The Canyon (Zachary Epcar, 2021, 15 mins)