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Extinction and Otherwise


The threat of extinction is more palpable than ever. Whether it is the COVID-19 pandemic, extreme weather, or species decline, most living creatures have had some brush with disaster in their lifetimes. Featuring scripted and non-scripted films that depict extinction, survival, and life as it might be, this season of Science on Screen is organized by themes that draw attention to socioeconomic, political, and ecological structures that have contributed to our unstable times. Including Woman in the Dunes, Force Majeure, Annihilation, and a number of new films, programs are paired with writing by scientists, scholars, and filmmakers examining the ways extinction is perpetuated and yet life persists within new landscapes.

Organized by Sonia Epstein, Associate Curator of Science and Film

Part of our ongoing Science on Screen series


Program One: Inequality
February 13

Two celebrated black-and-white films highlight how people of different backgrounds are variably impacted by disasters.