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Curators’ Choice 2021

The Museum’s annual screening series of some of our favorite films of the year returns with another rich harvest of cinema—and television—at its best.

Jim Henson's World

Irregular Evidence: Deepfakes and Suspect Footage in Film

​​In conjunction with the new exhibition Deepfake: Unstable Evidence on Screen, this series delves into the myriad ways evidentiary footage has been manipulated or mimicked in film.

World of Animation

This monthly series presents both classic and contemporary animated films from around the world with a family-friendly audience in mind.

See It Big: Extravaganzas!

Teeming canvases, crammed frames, ornate art direction and costume design foregrounded by lush camerawork and intense performance style.

Always on Sunday: Greek Film Series

In collaboration with the Hellenic Film Society USA, MoMI presents a monthly selection of outstanding Greek films.

Las Premieres

Sneak previews of upcoming Latin American and U.S. Latinx film releases, in association with Cinema Tropical.

Disreputable Cinema

Often called cult or underground, these films comprise a subculture of hidden gems and alternative classics that often challenge the norms of art and entertainment

Silents, Please!

A monthly program of silent treasures, both well known and newly unearthed, for audiences of all ages to enjoy, often presented with live accompaniment.

Extinction and Otherwise

This ongoing series draws attention to the socioeconomic, political, and ecological structures that have contributed to our unstable times.


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